Mikkabozu - 三日坊主 - みっかぼうず

Do you know a Japanese word/expression ” mikka bozu”?

You quit something after (only) three days even if you pledge to do it. 

Literally it means a three-day-monk.
三日(みっか)(mikka) means 3 days.
坊主(ぼうず)(bozu) is a monk.

So the story behind this is, you want to become a monk and start training but it is so hard or you are too lazy to continue that you quit after 3 days. Does that sound familiar to you? To me it happens all the time..

How to use this word in a sentence?

I started jogging but I already quit after 3 days.
Make sure you don’t give up after a few days but do your best.


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